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Blackberry Q5

Blackberry Q5

Blackberry looks like don’t wanna be only focus to the high end premium handheld but they also are focus and take care to the mid end device, it seems that they don’t wanna make their loyal community like in Indonesia, India and Africa disappointed thus they make economic BlackBerry device for them, it’s Blackberry Q5.
Blackberry Q5
Blackberry Q10 and Blackberry Q5

Not as the same as Blackberry Q10, it’s Blackberry Q5 that is special launched for the mid end level of range. The cheap Blackberry Q5 is a qwerty handheld just like Blackberry Q10 but the device is not as premium as Q10 in body material and features. Blackberry Q5 use the 3.1 inches of IPS LCD screen with plastic in the cover body, the Blackberry Q5 of course use the latest blackberry software it’s Blackberry 10 OS.

Blackberry Q5
Qwerty Blackberry Q5
For the internal memory you can save many musics, photos and videos in Blackberry Q5 with 8GB of internal memory that can be expandable by microSD slot as external memory. Blackberry Q5 is powered by dualcore CPU from Snapdragon with 1.2GHz krait with 2GB of RAM.

For taking pictures and record the events the Blackberry Q5 has 5MP of rear camera with flash, and 2 MP camera sensor for video calling and as mirror (just kidding). With that camera you could record 1080p resolution with rear camera and 720p resolution with the front camera, I’m sure it will be very good enough.

All that specifications and features will be completed with bigger battery capacity, the cheap Blackberry Q5 will be weapon-ed by 2180 mAh battery, you cannot remove it because it is non removable (united with the body). Blackberry Q5 has 10.8 mm of thinness of body with 120 grams of the weight, it’s very ideal qwerty smartphone I think.

Blackberry Q5 Hands On and Review

Blackberry Q5 Price

Blackberry Q5 is the best choice for you who couldn't posses or buy the premium end of Blackberry Q10, it’s also best choice for you who are curious to try the new QNX Blackberry 10 OS.

Blackberry Q5
Blackberry Q5 will has price tag for  $400 approximately. And it’s cheaper than BlackberryZ10 that announced as the first full touch Blackberry handset and the first device that used Blackberry 10 OS. So how about it? Will you take your money to take home the Blackberry Q5?

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