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The Update of Technology Progress

We know live in the 21th century which the technology has increased and developed, many things have changed very much from the vehicle, telecomunication, internet and gadgets and more of electronics. If we live in years 90th, of course everything was so basic and simple, every technology had been advantaged and used maximally and ofcourse they have very useful tools and give easy to work. But now in this 2012 and 2013 those things have progressed amazingly as if life is controlled by gadgets and electronics tehnology.

We now here are to give any information about the update of the technology this millenium era, and God willing we will also give many updates and information related, so you can follow up these info.

In this developing era things are gonna progress fast and crowded so it may cause us confious to face it, there are some tips to face this elctronic century, and because not all these stuffs can give us the solution and they give us the benefits but also can give us disanvantage and loss.

First, with this new era we face so many gadgets and other electronics that are so amazing, an they can cause us amazed, want to buy, and then enjoying them but it can cause us feel complacent, lazy and silent. This situation is quite important for us because our brain may not work and also progresses, So we can handle this by relaxing our self outdoor, take walk outside healing spirit, or jogging every morning because this can help us can run activities normally.

Second, Beside sport if we are complacent or lazy, please heal our spirit by being near to God, pray to Him, hope Him for anything, ask Him for everything we need, and always take care of Him, not only that regret our sins and back to Him, this can be strong power inside our self, and can overspread in our life good, nice and positive.
Third, we omsume all good foods and drinkings, like fruits, bread, meat, rice, corn, vegetables, and other foods that give us good nutritions and powers, so that we will live health and normal.

So these are some tips to face the new technology if they cause us lazy, complacent, and addicted. Good luck face the gadgets and technology duly, naturally and normally, not too over and addicted, and keep spirit.

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