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Sony PlayStation 4 Has Been Released, Where to Buy?

The New Sony PlayStation 4

Are you like game and playing the game, of course you all recognize 'bout this one yeah everyone knew and love this PlayStation from Sony, Sony PlayStation was first introduced since I was child and it's evolved so much and become better there was the 2nd generation of PlayStation, PlayStation 3 in 2006, and this time is for the new console game PlayStation 4, after it was so long time to wait.

Sony PlayStation 4 Has Been Released, Where to Buy?

PlayStation 4 presents all things new from the hardware, new user interfaces, new dual shocks, new software and more new stuffs. PlayStation 4 has is based on x86 architecture like in personal computer (PC) the 8-core AMD processor called "Jaguar" is as a chip inside the console, and PlayStation 4 also has GPU a.k.a graphic processor also from Radeon (AMD), and to powering up the console, it is supplied with the new RAM GDDR5 8GB, by this super spec the PlayStation 4 will be one of most powerful game consoles.

Sony PlayStation 4 Has Been Released, Where to Buy?

About the dualschock the PlayStation 4 is presenting the new DualShock 4 that has touchpad feature, the one as in the PlayStation Vita, and it also has share button to share what we has played to other via internet. The dualshock also has unique light on it.

Other Sony PlayStation 4 New Features :

The DualShock could recognize moving's player/user
User can play the PlayStation 4's games via PS Vita, this feature is called "Remote Play"
The hardware is compatible with much of games

Sony PlayStation 4 Has Been Released, Where to Buy?

Price and Where to Buy

PlayStation 4 is priced at $399 price tag, this price tag is less $100 than competitor Xbox One which set $499 as price tag, for your info that the first rival of PlayStation 4 is Xbox One that is also a brand new.

The PlayStation 4 will be launced at holiday season this year and where to buy? you could buy in the Sony retail seller or other stores that provide this console in your countries, you could by offline or offline.

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