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Samsung, HTC and LG Got "War" in Twitter

Fun Story, Samsung, HTC and LG Got "War" in Twitter

We've got interesting view and some fun conversation from ell know vendors of UK in one of popular social network Twitter, the brands vendors are Samsung, HTC, and LG, it seem the conversation has relation about the Award Winning Mobile show last night.

Samsung, HTC and LG Got "War" in Twitter

The first tweet is HTC, the HTC UK said that they were glad and so proud because they got the Award Winning Mobile as the "Hottest Phone of 2013", but after that it's Samsung UK typed their tweets and mentioning the HTC UK as they said that they have been full of another Award Winning. And then Samsung UK tweets seems make such hot feel HTC UK and they reply in that tweet, such emotion words that make shame Samsung UK..

The condition is so hot and angry, but suddenly LG UK was coming as if were a hero and said in their tweet : "Come down dears's it's only a phone!".

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